For the first time ever national and regional newsbrands are running coverwraps at the same time.  The UK government has worked with the industry and is running various ad campaigns across hundreds of newspapers over the next three months encouraging the nation to stay at home.

Michael Gove said: “Newspapers are the lifeblood of our communities and we need them now more than ever. Their role as a trusted voice and their ability to reach isolated communities is especially vital at this time. With this campaign, we are both saving lives by providing essential information to the public and supporting cherished local institutions.

Tracy De Groose, executive chair of Newsworks, said “We are working with the government throughout this crisis to deliver their important advertising messages in a way that will resonate with readers. This is an amazing first for the newspaper industry and a clear demonstration of how we can bring it altogether for a brand campaign of this scale.  As we all know, the trusted flow of information is more important now than ever before and this partnership is a powerful endorsement of the strong relationship we have with our growing audiences across our local, regional and national news brands.”  See pictures from across our sites HERE.

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