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Recently we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week, which demonstrated the positive impact apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses and economies. We took the opportunity to catch up with Mark Land, Pressroom Manager of Reach Printing Services Oldham, and Jon Bray of Learn2Print  to hear how print apprenticeships have played a key role in succession planning at the Oldham print site.

Q1. What is the key purpose of apprenticeships at the Oldham site?

Being able to provide quality training through Print Apprenticeships is key to our succession planning, and enables our operators coming through the ranks to gain the necessary key skills and knowledge to ensure that Oldham remains competitive going forward.

Q2. What value is gained from the apprenticeship provider?

We have lots of excellent operators who can help to upskill people, but there’s a big difference in the way the apprenticeship programme helps to deliver the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the print process, so the candidate can problem-solve more effectively on the job. Due to various external situations, the old printing colleges in the local area have slowly become non-existent, so sourcing a suitable service provider to deliver this was becoming increasingly difficult. That’s where Learn2Print came in, after reaching out to us on LinkedIn. They provided us with exactly the service we required to support delivering our vocational and technical skills qualifications to No3 Operators, so they could progress to Printer.

Q3. How is the apprenticeship carried out?

Using a combination of confirmed on-the-job learning with an assigned mentor, and day release in various hubs around the country, Learn2Print delivered excellent training. You could really see our first candidate grow in confidence as he progressed through the course.

Q4. What learnings did you take from the process?

We could really see the benefits of what the service not only offered us but the industry as a whole, so we invited them to make use of our dedicated training academy to deliver the course in the North West area. It was a great achievement when our first delegate passed through with his certificates last year.

It’s evident that the great collaboration between Reach Printing Services Oldham and Learn2Print is making a positive impact – not only across the industry, but also within the local community.

Jon Bray, Managing Director, Learn2Print said: “We’d like to say a massive thank you to Reach PLC for the support given to the Print Apprenticeship Programme. The Oldham site has become the recognised hub for print learners from Manchester and beyond. Learners attending classes have travelled to the site over the past three years, from as far away as Carlisle. The Oldham site has also provided a superb training facility for its own learners, giving access to training across its web-based provision.

“As we begin to climb out of lockdown, we will reintroduce the classes with the support from Mark and his team. The Oldham site provides an excellent learning environment, with fully dedicated training rooms and a suitable safe environment for learners to attend. We look forward to continuing to work with Reach PLC, as it continues to invest in the UK apprenticeship scheme for print.”

For further information on apprenticeships and the services offered by Learn2Print, please contact :

Office: 01636 636 000

Jon Bray:07584026401

Email enquiries: mail@learn2print.co.uk

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