When Steve Morton, Sales Director at the KPM Group, was presented with the opportunity to print manage and deliver 1 million copies of a charity newspaper for the Al-Khair Foundation, during a pandemic, and in only five working days, he knew he could rely on Reach Printing Services as partners!

KPM Group is a print management, mail production and publishing company with an enviable reputation for the project management and delivery of business-critical and regulatory communications. Reach Printing Services and KPM Group work extremely well together, with a shared insistence on quality.

Here’s a video of this charity newspaper being printed at our Reach Watford site!

Leading faith-based UK charity Al-Khair Foundation have been printing newspapers for Ramadan and for emergencies since 2012. Their Head of Special Projects Imran Nissar tells us more:

“We are the only Islamic charity that uses this newspaper format to get our message across to the general public. We deliver our newspapers to specified postcodes door to door, and in non-Covid times we also distribute them outside mosques, busy high streets and other gatherings.The door to door approach means that we are able to target households which we may not have otherwise reached through mailshots, emails, text messages or through our TV Channel viewership. 

Our main message is to let our readers and donors know about the Al-Khair Foundation charity projects and programmes we have delivered on their behalf globally, and how the needy and our beneficiaries have benefited. We work in a large number of countries, helping people of all nationalities and religions. In addition, we are highlighting the projects and programmes we are focusing on for the month of Ramadan and for the coming year, to invite our donors to contribute and make a difference in people’s lives in this blessed month.” 

We asked Steve Morton, Sales Director at the KPM Group, about the power of print when people are reading:

“Marketers, advertisers and fundraisers should never overlook the power of newspaper print media – even during the digital age. When it comes to reading articles, informative news and features, many prefer a tangible and physical product. It’s fair to say that print and digital will co-exist together, seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.”

Imran Nissar had great feedback on this print management project!

“I am happy we decided to go with Steve and KPM, as he provided all the support and back-up we required in order to meet our printing deadline. Even though we were late in providing the final proof, the team still delivered on time. We will be looking to continue to print our Ramadan edition next year, and hope the pandemic will have much less impact on our lives next Ramadan.”

Thank you to Andy Jones and the team at our Reach Watford Print Site for making this happen within a limited time frame. Andy commented:

“This job was a pleasure to work on, from start to finish. Steve Morton and Guy Mulley from KPM are excellent communicators, who understand what it takes to make a large-scale print and distribution job work. Despite tight deadlines, our Watford production and distribution teams had very clear briefs, and were able to plan print and delivery schedules that ensured almost 1 million copies went off site for despatch all over the country as soon as they were printed and palletised!”

This charity newspaper for Al-Khair Foundation is a great example of the contract printing work we excel at here at Reach Printing Services. We work with charities and businesses directly, as well as print managers, print buyers and agencies.

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