Looking to give your home a seasonal makeover this April?

Well it’s time to get creative! Collect all the scrap paper you have lying around and turn it into something spectacular. We are listing a few ways in which you can create super easy Easter crafts by using paper and card. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also tons of fun.

From Easter baskets to seasonal bunting, these DIY projects are sure to make your bank holiday celebrations egg-stra special this year…

Papier Mâché Easter Eggs

Using an old newspaper and diluted glue, you are going to cover a blown up balloon with your papier mâché mixture and leave to dry. Once completely dry, pop the balloon, pull it out of its paper shell, and get ready to decorate. This is where the Easter egg really comes to life! Whether you decide to use pens, paints or paper decorations to cover your egg, the choice is up to you.

Easter Basket

Begin by cutting some old packing paper or coloured card into strips and laying them flat in a row (make sure your strips are long enough for the basket walls). Weave some other strips in the opposite direction, securing with glue as you go. As soon as you have the base, start to weave your strips around the sides to create the walls of your Easter basket. All you need now is a paper handle and you’re good to go. Glue the handle to the inside of your basket and decorate as desired.

Bunny Bunting

This super cute, super easy bunting makes for perfect Easter décor. All you have to do is cut out a colourful array of bunnies using card or paper of your choosing, attach them to some string, and glue on the pom poms. Voilà, simple yet effective.

Cupocake hoppers (Toppers)

These adorable cupcake toppers, or shall we say hoppers, are guaranteed to liven up your Easter themed desserts! It’s as easy as three simple steps…. cut out two bunny heads using coloured card and glue them together. Place a cocktail stick in-between them and attach a pom pom for your bunny nose. Then enjoy your delicious Easter treats.

Hopefully this should keep you busy over the holidays. It’s not only a fun way to add some Easter flair to your home interior, but a great way to reuse old paper before recycling it. 

At Reach Printing, we are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, and continue to champion sustainability for a better future.

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