Student newspapers are run by students, for students – and they have a longstanding tradition of being the place to go for information, opinion, recommendations, administrative news and anything else that students might need to know about university or local life.

They are also known for covering hard-hitting topics, whether that is holding senior leadership to account, covering disputes about accommodation or highlighting issues with representation, often empowering the student body to take collective action to influence change.

Many award-winning journalists started out their careers as keen student journalists, and for those looking to learn more about student culture as they set out on their university journey, student newspapers are a great place to start – providing high-quality original content unlike anything else.

Like many print publications, student newspapers have adapted their offering to remain relevant in the digital landscape. Students continue to innovate ensuring that printed and digital student newspapers maintain their longevity far into the future.

Reach Printing is proud to support the mission to keep university publications firmly on the news stand. We print some of the most prestigious student newspapers in the UK, including those for Newcastle University, King’s College London, Oxford University and Durham University – the latter of which is one of Britain’s oldest student publications, founded in 1948.

So, why are student newspapers so important?

They give students a voice.

In a world dominated by the many opinions and stories online, it can often feel like certain voices go unheard, especially for students. University newspapers allow for a student voice, offering the chance for expression and discussion on pressing social issues and student life. 

University can be an isolating and scary time for some, particularly in the face of change. By empowering students through the university newspaper, they are able to communicate with their peers and provide an outlet for the student body to listen and engage with, reducing feelings of alienation. 

They help to keep students safe.

Whilst university culture is often consumed by a lifestyle of studying and socialising, there is also a negative side to student life. Through the student newspaper, individuals become inspired to confront issues, whether that is mental health, crime or anything else and when enough people start to mention a problem, this encourages change within a student body.

Highlighting these types of stories in the university newspaper identifies regular issues and is more likely to have a greater impact on the reader, as one thing they share in common with the writer is the student experience.

They inspire careers.

Writing for the student newspaper is a stepping stone to a career. It teaches students similar values that are held within the workplace, such as working to a deadline, and provides students with the opportunity to try out various roles and duties in newspaper publication. These could include copywriting, photography and conducting research. Through student newspapers, young individuals are able to learn the skills that are required later on in life in a working environment. 

Many successful journalists started out their careers at student newspapers.

They generate revenue.

Student newspapers are a fantastic way to generate funding. Forming connections within the local community and reaching out to businesses makes university papers a great platform to sell unique advertising space. Adverts presented in the student newspaper are likely to be better received, as readers know it has come from fellow students and ads can be easily customised to specifically target the university audience.

In short, university newspapers are vital not only to the team that produces them, but to the entire student body. Reach Printing will continue to support the publication of a diverse range of exciting student newspapers and journalism – and if you have a newspaper you’d like to get off the ground, get in touch today.

From all of the team at Reach Printing: Congratulations to everyone who has recently received their results – and Good Luck to all students waiting to receive results in the coming weeks.

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