From the physical touch of a book and the crisp pages of a newspaper, to the glossy allure of a magazine, print offers a unique and tangible experience that is unlike any other, and is very difficult to emulate.

In this blog, we list out some of the reasons why we think print matters and why it continues to play an important role in our lives today…

Tangible and Permanent

One of the most compelling aspects of print is its tangible nature. The feel of paper between your fingertips, the weight of a book in your hands, and the sound of turning pages all create a sensory experience for the reader. Print provides a physical presence where people form connections through touch, sound, sight and smell. This quality contributes to the enduring value and unique characteristics of print, allowing readers to engage with the product in a more immersive and memorable way. Due to its physicality, print can be stored and easily accessed over time, providing a lasting record of information and stories that can be read time and time again.

Enhanced Reading Experience

Print has the unique ability to evoke emotions and create lasting connections between readers and materials. Whether you’re reading your favourite magazine or an old book from your childhood, print instils a sense of nostalgia and personal attachment that is rare to find in other mediums.

In Print We Trust

Print media has traditionally been associated with credibility and trustworthiness. Newspapers, books and magazines all undergo rigorous editorial processes and fact-checking, instilling confidence in readers and meaning they identify print as more accurate and reliable. In fact, research shows that 82% of consumers trust print advertisements the most when making a purchase decision.

Marketing and Advertising

Advertising in print media can be more memorable and has a longer lifespan. The physical presence of print media allows for greater engagement, and consumers often spend longer with a printed product, maximising exposure and having a greater influence on purchasing decisions. Print ads are typically seen by 75% of readers, and serve as a fantastic complement to many digital marketing strategies. 

Furthermore, print materials provide a universally accessible and versatile format. Print products do not rely on internet connections and can be distributed in various formats, meaning they are available to a wider demographic of readers. At Reach Printing Services, our distribution options are hugely varied, from door-to-door delivery methods to subscription mailings.

Our Newsprint is Sustainable

We’ve made it a priority to ensure that our paper is sourced responsibly. We’re committed to sourcing at least 95% of it from recycled fibre or using fibres from forests that have been independently certified as sustainable.  

In 2022 we sourced 98.05% of newsprint from recycled materials or wood from certified sustainable forests.

Print media continues to maintain its relevance and importance today, providing an immersive and tactile experience for people in years to come. So, the next time you put your feet up to read the newspaper, take a moment to appreciate the lasting impact of print in our lives.

To discuss your printing options, don’t hesitate to contact Reach Printing Services on 0345 307 3276.

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