Colour & Image Reproduction

All of our products are produced using the CMYK printing process (excluding glossy/coated covers).  Because paper is thin, we need to reduce ink coverage to improve quality.

  • Any RGB or spot colours left in your PDF will be converted to CMYK (we can only print spot colour on coated/gloss covers)
  • Optimise your images for newsprint
  • Retouch image correcting exposure, colour and cast
  • Resize image to 200ppi – effective resolution
  • Sharpen image using unsharp masking with file at 100%
  • Convert to CMYK using the correct icc profile and rendering intent (see template for further information)
  • Use 100%K (Black) for all black text and content
  • Use single colour for small text and detail
  • Avoid using fine detail and small text in white on top of colour


  • All fonts must be embedded or embedded subset
  • Black text must be 100% black (not CMYK)
  • Black text on white; minimum 6pt
  • White text on black; minimum 6pt
  • White text on colour; minimum 10pt Sans Serif / 14pt Serif
  • Colour text on colour; minimum 10pt Sans Serif / 14pt Serif
  • Colour text on White; minimum 10pt Sans Serif / 14pt Serif


  • Sans Serif typefaces are the best choice for reproduction on our presses
  • Typefaces with thin or delicate serifs/strokes and non-uniform character thickness should be avoided.  For clarity and readability, we recommend using 7pt black or above

File Delivery

  • Our Webpairer system was designed and built with you in mind – to make your life simple.  Once your account is open, you will be sent login details and instructions.
    • Upload multi or single-page PDF files
    • No need to send a spread as a separate PDF, we join the two pages
    • File upload and product creation can be automated
    • Settings can be customised on a per product basis if required (to resize pages, remove crop marks, convert magazine or RGB to newsprint colour, spot colour to CMYK etc)
    • Export your PDF files as version 1.3 or 1.4 without crop marks unless you have requested a trimmed product
    • When exporting with crop marks please change the crop mark offset to 5mm
    • Upload can be made via FTP or using our GUI based system

    We advise you to email test files prior to your live print run to avoid issues and delays on deadline.  Technical and prepress support is available within working hours and 24/7 for emergencies.

    The Webpairer has a number of views, including a flip book, ideal for you to view the pages as a finished product or a press proof which includes a magenta border which easily shows if artwork is out of grid – a common mistake that is made.  We recommend you checking pages using multiple views in the pairer. If revisions are made after approval, please telephone production to ensure they are received.